IB.com Brand Story : Cabbage Is King

IB.com Brand Story : Cabbage Is King

IB.com Brand Story - British Jewellery Brand, Cabbage Is King :

Manchester based independent jewellery designer and maker, Greig Alderman founded Cabbage is King back in 2011. Since conception, Greig has been selected for 3 major national initiatives, supporting ‘The Best of New British Jewellery Design Talent’. Greig's work has featured on TV and in the private collection of The Mighty Boosh and Great British Bake Off's, Noel Fielding. 

Cabbage is King's jewellery is Inspired by a whole host of cultural phenomenon, including books, Dada, satirical cartoons, astronomy and African art. Greig works in a number of different styles, creating both contemporary art-jewellery and modern fine-jewellery. His jewellery design process is a journey, steered only by the limits of the materials, processes and functionality. Greig's jewellery designs are rarely planned but found; an initial idea finds expression through a process of exploration, manipulating form in the pursuit of originality, aesthetic sense and unusuality. Promenading the line between art and craft, there exists a sculptural quality to much of Greig's work, an attempt to communicate more than the gleaming apparent, to create designer jewellery as wearable art.

Materials and techniques are selected for their quality and visual impact, high-grade gemstones, precious metal alloys and mixed media consort with traditional hand skills and cutting edge technologies. The resulting craft is original, exquisite, beautifully made and thoughtfully considered, outputting recurrent, low volume collections, singular unique pieces and occasional objets d'art.

Greig's jewellery design work is highly collectable. He works to private commission and sells through a small number of UK stockists.  His Manchester based fully equipped studio is capable of undertaking all types of jewellery projects, including diamond, engagement & bridal wear.  All processes are managed in house, including CAD design, gem sourcing, micro-setting, enameling and plating. 

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