IB.com Brand Story : Cabinet Jewellery

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IB.com Brand Story : Cabinet Jewellery

IB.com Brand Story - British Brand, Cabinet Jewellery :

Cabinet Jewellery, founded upon friendship, love and creativity the Cabinet brand is a family affair, where exotic conceptual detailing meets intrinsically British roots. 

Cabinet is an internationally acclaimed jewellery brand continually evolving each season… they march to their own beat exploring new materials and textures. For Cabinet’s founder Gemma Critchley, the brand was a natural evolution of her lifelong affinity for collecting. Having spent much of her childhood in the West Indies where her parents lived for nearly 20 years, she was fascinated with the continually changing life and colour of the crystal clear ocean. 

She named the brand after the curiosity-filled cabinets that she began to fill and the new ones she came across whilst scouring antique shops, flea markets, and reclamation yards. The Cabinet name represents our continuous quest for evolution and reinvention, a love for all the wonderful things that have stood the test of time.

Cabinet has featured in numerous publications, including Vogue, Tatler and Elle in addition to creating exclusive collections for companies such as Swarovski, Paul Smith and Anthropologie. Cabinet continue to develop exciting original pieces which reflect cultural inspirations and echo its clients’ unique style.

Cabinet’s Somerset studio encapsulates the brand, filled with all of the wonderful old and eclectic pieces that inspire new collections. The Cabinet team take pride in the skilled trade’s people we work with, the produce all of their gold and silversmith work in the UK, ensuring quality craftsmanship and execution of our designs.


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