Silver Cassette Cufflinks

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A pair of solid silver cassette tape cufflinks, in honour of the legendary cassette, these double sided cassette tape cufflinks were handcrafted in Birmingham, UK. 

This cassette tape has been made from 925 solid silver with oxidised silver detail and a flexible T-bar fixing. The cassette measures 2cm by 1.5cm.

These cufflinks can be personalised, stamp your your favourite A and B sides onto each one! The lettering will be in block capitals and are letter punched, then oxidised. The text reads left to right, horizontally across the label section of the cassette. Please see the image 'PRESS/PLAY' as an example. There is a maximum of ten letters per cassette. 

Please email us at info@independentboutique.com if you have any specific requests, thanks.