Blue Noir Thames Silver and Rope Bangle

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The Blue Noir Thames Silver and Rope Bangle was both designed and skilfully handcrafted completely in Great Britain. Modern-Naval, ANCHOR & CREW is inspired by mechanical and nautical objects, anchors and the happy-good life, and features modern, innovative and distinctive designs that are great additions to either ladies or gents wrists.

This ANCHOR & CREW bracelet features:
3mm diameter performance Marine Grade polyester and nylon rope (GB)
Solid .925 sterling silver bangle barrel (insert within rope centre) (GB)

This bangle is available in size 65mm between inside surfaces across the wrist, which roughly equate to 21cm around the wrist respectively. The shape of the bangle can be lightly adjusted to suit.

This bracelet is covered under a 1-year brand warranty, and care instructions are included within the packaging of every purchase. The guarantee does not cover against damage that has occurred due to maltreatment.