Made 4 Mungos : Carpenter & Cloth, The British Company Donates....

November 09 2021 – Victoria Le Marquand

Made 4 Mungos : Carpenter & Cloth, The British Company Donates....
Made 4 Mungos : Carpenter & Cloth, The British Company Donates....

Their beautiful Waste-Not Alpaca Loop Scarf.carpenter and cloth Waste-Not Alpaca Loop Scarf

This Carpenter & Cloth Scarf was handmade in their studio from offcuts of their 2020 Alpaca shirt fabric.

The super soft cloth was woven at their local flannel mill in Carmarthenshire, Mid-Wales from industry surplus alpaca yarn.

Although the shirts are no longer available (all sold out!) they do have a limited number of these simple loop scarves, made from the saved offcuts. The plaids don't match and each one varies slightly, but this cloth was too good to waste!

Designer Emily James's background in is textiles, from learning basic dressmaking skills from her mother, to submersing herself in antique and tribal textiles during her college years, to becoming a professional pattern-cutter and seamstress with her own clothing label, 'llynfi'. Aside from clothing, through building her own label she developed skills in marketing, sourcing, merchandising and planning.

In 2014 Danny and her had their first daughter and 6 months later Emily took the decision to stop work and become a full time mum. Stepping back from llynfi gave her the opportunity to re-evaluate what she finds most important and fulfilling about clothing, enabling her to re-start with more focus, passion and love for what she does.

She has a continued passion for natural fibres and sustainable textiles, both environmentally and socially, in their production and in their lifespan. She loves the human connection - from fabric sourcing through to finished garment - it is what brings textiles alive! From mending a much loved old jacket that holds so many memories to creating a the ultimate, confidence boosting party dress, clothing is comfort, confidence, connection, grounding, dreaming, expressive and absolutely individual.

Thanks so much for the support for the sale Carpenter & Cloth, I'm so pleased with the beautiful Loop alpaca Scarf, Also lovely (and important) to have British companies uniting and supporting this sale. 


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