Made 4 Mungos : elliot. The British Organic Underwear Brand Donates....

November 10 2021 – Victoria Le Marquand

Made 4 Mungos : elliot. The British Organic Underwear Brand Donates....
Made 4 Mungos : elliot. The British Organic Underwear Brand Donates....

One of their Annie & Bettie Set Organic Cotton Underwear in either Black or White.

elliot. began as a dream of something better: something softer, kinder, more natural.

elliot organic underwear in white

From luxurious camis and French knickers to super soft underwear and nightwear, elliot. combines premium organic fabrics with understated style and beautiful detailing.

They make carefully and in limited numbers. They prioritise quality and sustainability and take their inspiration from the simplicity of nature.

In a world where time for ourselves is so limited, it makes sense to elliot. to put as much goodness as they can into the products that wtheye make, so that the simple act of getting dressed is translated into an opportunity for self care.

They think about what we put into their bodies; it’s a natural next step for them to think about what they we put next to their skin. Organic cotton genuinely feels better; it's softer, allows your skin to breathe, and is much less likely to irritate. 

Organic farming is proven to support biodiversity and wildlife, help combat climate change, protect animal welfare and reduce exposure to pesticides for the farmers and the land they farm. 

elliot. source all their cotton fabrics from GOTS certified manufacturers, which means that not only the fabrics that they use, but the whole supply chain of the fabric manufacturer is certified to the highest Global Organic Textile Standard.

The fabric for several of their styles comes from one manufacturer in particular, who has developed strong partnerships with 2 farmers' cooperatives, the bigger one in Uganda and the smaller one in Kyrgyzstan. They buy the organic cotton directly from the cooperatives and they pay fair trade prices. To date, they have trained 12,500 farmers in organic farming and good agriculture practice. This program has been especially appreciated because after 20 years of civil war in Uganda, the number of people with technical know-how is very low.

elliot organics

elliot. make all of their pieces in a small factory near Barcelona in Spain. All of their packaging is made from recycled paper, and they don’t use plastic unless they really have to.

Thanks so much for the support for the sale elliot. I'm so pleased with the beautiful Annie & Bettie Set Donation, Also lovely (and important) to have British companies uniting and supporting this sale. 

The St Mungos Online Sale starts on on the 11th November and will run for ten days until the 21st November.

All profits will go to St Mungo's.

Thanks again for your support.


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