Made 4 Mungos : Ilo Clothing, The Bristol Childrenswear Company Donates....

November 09 2021 – Victoria Le Marquand

Made 4 Mungos : Ilo Clothing, The Bristol Childrenswear Company Donates....
Made 4 Mungos : Ilo Clothing, The Bristol Childrenswear Company Donates....

A Pair of their Banana 'Grow with Me' Organic Trousers.

Super comfy Harem trousers with fold/extend cuffs and waist band, making it wearable for a minimum of 6 months for babies, and more than a year in toddler sizes.

Ilo balloon rompers penelope size 3 swing.jpg

Their Philosophy

Organic, Grow with Me, local, gender neutral, long-lasting.

Ilo Clothing designs are inspired by the Scandinavian philosophy of childhood where play, comfort, environment, family and friends are all intertwined to nurture a wholesome child.

At the heart of their brand is a desire for a better future by creating clothing that kids want to wear and won't need to be replaced often, if ever; and once it's finished it can be recycled as much as possible, hence reducing throwaway fashion and waste.

Why organic?

Organic fabric is not only good for the environment, the GOTs certification also encompasses the productions processes, workers' welfare and the end product is a robust fabric that is biodegradable, soft and long-lasting.

Why 'Grow with me'?

Clothes are designed to last for many months by using adjustable sizing features:

  • Leg cuffs fold up or unfold to adjust leg length,

  • harem cut leaves room for real nappies or wriggly bottoms,

  • Shoulder poppers in two lengths allow for overall length adjustment.

  • Fold/unfold waist band for trousers' extra length

Why local?

Because of their desire for transparency. The bright and better world of their children includes knowing who made their clothes, knowing that their working conditions are right and proper. They can't have it any other way.

Why gender neutral?

Because boxes constrain, and children have a right to be just children. Children's clothing should allow for comfort and freedom of movement, hence the soft waist bands to just pull up or down, the ankle hugging cuff so they don't trip up, the easy poppers on the shoulders, the ever-soft-never-itchy plush lining on the winter hats and gloves. None of these should depend on what gender a baby is born with.

Why long lasting?

Because sharing is caring, and once you've finally outgrown all the 'Grow with Me' features, ILO clothes will clothe another, and another and many more. And because everyone loves good quality hand-me-downs, you’ll make friends for ever.

Thanks so much for the support for the sale Ilo Clothing, I'm so pleased with the Children's Banana Trousers, Also lovely (and important) to have British companies uniting and supporting this sale. 

The St Mungos Online Sale starts on on the 11th November and will run for ten days until the 21st November.

All profits will go to St Mungo's.

Thanks again for your support.


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