Made 4 Mungos : Mim Best, British Jewellery Designer Donates....

October 18 2021 – Victoria Le Marquand

Made 4 Mungos : Mim Best, British Jewellery Designer Donates....
Made 4 Mungos : Mim Best, British Jewellery Designer Donates....

A beautiful handmade Silver Bead necklace with electroplated Hematite.

Shop Mim's beautiful necklace here.

Mim Best is a Bristol based contemporary jewellery designer who combines fashion-forward statement pieces with delicate timeless classics, that appeal to a wide audience.

Mim graduated in 1998 with a degree in Applied Arts and shortly after she began working for award-winning designer Diana Porter.  With over 20 years bench experience Mim has become a highly skilled jewellery designer in her own right, undertaking private commissions from her Bristol studio and developing her own Silver and fine jewellery collections. 

Working primarily with recycled Silver and Gold, she uses traditional making techniques and often stamps the metal to create unique surface textures. Much of her work is then embellished with precious gemstones and intricate wire-wrapped beads.

Mim Best is a really really old (!) friend of mine, we've known each other since school days. Mim's a brilliant artist alongside being an amazing jeweller. I was really happy when she finally managed to start her own jewellery brand. She's always wanted to design her own work and due to having a family etc its been on hold for a very long time, but now she's finally doing it, hooray!!

She's produced the most beautiful collections from the start and is already stocked in some of the best galleries and shops in the UK. She's done so well and i'm so proud of her - she also sells her collections on this site and we love having her beautiful work to look at everyday.

Thanks so much for the support for the sale Mim, I'm so pleased with the necklace, it's beautiful. So lovely and important to have UK makers, and local Bristolians uniting and supporting this sale.

The St Mungos Online Sale on  will run until the Sunday 21st November at midnight. 

Thanks again for your support.



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