Made 4 Mungos : Sarah Duncan, British Artist Brand Donates....

October 16 2021 – Victoria Le Marquand

Made 4 Mungos : Sarah Duncan, British Artist Brand Donates....
Made 4 Mungos : Sarah Duncan, British Artist Brand Donates....

2 of her beautiful prints. The “ Copernicus” an etching 76cm x54cm. and the second is “Doppler Effect” a lithograph print 60cm x60cm.

Bid on the Copernicus print here

Bid on the Doppler Effect print here

'doppler effect' lithograph print by British artist Sarah Duncan

Sarah Duncan is a Bristol based, British artist who is influenced by forms and light that are invisible to the naked eye. She seeks beauty in science, from astronomy, to microscopy.  Optical technology enables us to take a glimpse of the unseeable. Sarah's work reflects on these technological revelations..

Sarah's printmaking revels in both time and speed, abstracted by telescopes that peer into the deep past or microscopes delving into hidden worlds.  Throughout history the sky at night has been a screen for projected dreams. Sarah's work seeks to reflect this screen, and find others to illuminate.

Scientific studies are currently focusing less on the possibility and more on the certainty and speed with which climate change is taking place. Sarah's practice is not obviously engaged with worldly issues, nor working directly to transform the global scale of climate change into a human narrative. But more to have it subtly resonate within her work.

Sarah continues to explore the moments of transition and turbulence in our landscape. She's chooses to show the beauty rather than the devastation, a celebration of what we stand to lose.

Sarah Duncan Bristol Artist Prints

We really appreciate you donating to the St Mungo's sale.  Thankyou so much for the support Sarah, we're so pleased with the beautiful prints, they're absolutely stunning. It's also really important to have local artists and makers unting in supporting this sale, so thankyou again. So far one of my favourite donations, you thanked me for asking you which was wonderful!

The St Mungos Online Sale will run until the 21st November. 

Thanks again for your support.



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